Dog-Friendly Vehicles Are the Best

Saying that a vehicle is dog-friendly almost sounds absurd. Of course, the dog is not going to be driving the vehicle, so what is really being discussed here? It all boils down to what the dog can do in terms of being comfortable and safe while in the vehicle and is something that you have a lot of control over.

First, make sure that the vehicle has ample room in the floorboard of the backseats. This is where a pet that is in a carrier will go. If you decide not to take your pet in a carrier, then make sure that the strap downs in the backseat make sense. Again, this is an area that you can exert a lot of control, and you should be doing so.

To be on the safe side, always use the child-lock on the windows when your pet is in the vehicle as far too many pets have jumped out of car windows before.

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