How Fluids Run Your Vehicle

Millions of Americans crank their cars every day without much thought to how their vehicles run. When you look under your vehicle's hood, however, there is an amazing host of sophisticated machinery that makes the engine start. There are hoses, wires, boxes, pans and other equipment that engineers put together to make transportation possible.

What is not seen, however, is where the operating ability of those machines comes from. Quite simply it is the various fluids that lubricate and help the parts remain functional. As large and powerful as an engine is, it would not function without oil. If your brake fluid is low, it will impact your ability to stop. If you don't have enough coolant, your car could overheat and cause other problems.

Some of your vehicle's fluids should be checked regularly to ensure optimal functionality. We at C Classic Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Clearfield, PA can inspect your fluid levels to make certain that they are at a safe-driving capacity. If your vehicle is leaking, our highly trained mechanics can do what's necessary to keep your car driving fluid-level appropriate.

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