How to Safely Test Your Car's Battery

Testing your battery is a quick and easy way to avoid frustrating start-up issues. Clearfield, PA drivers can perform these tests with either analog or digital voltmeters. For the greatest level of accuracy and easy-to-read results, however, this reading is best done with a digital voltmeter. At C Classic Dodge Chrysler Jeep, we want motorists to know all that they can about conducting these tests safely and effectively.

Getting Ready to Test Your Battery

The first step in conducting a battery test is to make sure that the ignition key is off. You should also turn off all of the vehicle lights. Donning a quality pair of rubber work gloves and safety goggles will provide reliable protection against any battery acid that you might come in contact with.

Conducting the Battery Test

The voltmeter's positive or red-colored test lead should be connected to the positive terminal on the battery. The negative or black test lead should then be connected to the negative terminal. After you have obtained and analyzed the reading, be sure to disconnect the negative test lead first. To learn more about the condition of your battery, or to have a damaged or old battery replaced, visit us at C Classic Dodge Chrysler Jeep today.

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