What Is A Blind-Spot Monitor For?

Cars and trucks are being designed with many features that help keep drivers safe. C. Classic Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Clearfield, PA has many vehicles with advanced safety features available. One of the safety features that is becoming more and more common is blind-spot monitoring.

When you are out driving, your vehicle is equipped with a rearview mirror and side mirrors that help you observe the vehicles behind and on the side of you. Even with these mirrors, there is a section of the road on each side of your vehicle that you cannot see. This is the blind-spot.

A blind-spot monitoring system on a vehicle uses radar in order to scan for vehicles in the blind-spot. On some vehicles, you are always notified that a vehicle is in the blind-spot. On other vehicles, you will receive an alert when you signal to move over into another lane. A blind-spot warning allows you to turn and look in order to be safe.

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